Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Infertility treatment - new incentive by software companies

This morning, when I got into my cube, I saw a paper listing the employee benefits being offered by my company. The list contained the usual ones - ESOPs / ESPPs / RSUs, Doctor on call, in house gym, stress management, medical insurance of 7L.

The thing that caught my eye was 'Additional 1L for infertility treatment'. Now this is something new and definitely worth debating. Lunch and post-lunch sessions were spent in debating 'why infertility treatment'.

There could be multiple reasons why this figures in the list -
  • The occurrence of stress induced infertility is on the rise among software professionals, so this can be categorized as an occupational hazard.
  • Husband and wife are not co-located because of on-site opportunities.
  • People do not have enough time - that means - no action and no reaction :-).
  • Last but not the least, it might just be a one off thing and the number of people willing to come forward for this might be very few; so the actual payout from the company might be very very less.
It might be worth asking the HR their reasons for including 'infertility treatment' in the list of employee benefits.

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