Monday, July 9, 2007

New wonders of the world

A new campaign. Select new wonders of the world. Will Taj be amongst the new wonders? Oh. Our Taj - the monument of eternal love will not make the list of wonders of the world. SMS Taj to 7575.

And millions of people sent their SMSes, worth 3-6 Rs each. The organizers spent a few million in distributing T-shirts, Caps, but gained billions because of these SMSes. Moreover, the campaign was not even backed by UNESCO.

Indian Idol, Voice of India, Wonders of the world - are all examples of making money by creating false impressions, and thus influencing people to send SMSes. Even the news channels ask people to send SMSes for silly things.

Taj will always remain as a symbol of love and a wonder of the world, but what we have done is label it as SMS-Taj.

Ciggys in Office

A snap of cigaretthe butts. Why are these butts lying on a carpet inside the office?
Somebody smoked somewhere, and threw the butts behind a flower-pot in the office. I dont know his thought-process, but it was a stupid thing to do.


Quite some time back (almost a month now), I had gone for a paintball-shooting event. I was a bit apprehensive about it initially, but I must admit it was worth every penny. I give the entire credit to Alistair for managing to accumulate 10 people; otherwise the event itself would have been cancelled.

Although I had severe muscular pain after paintball, I am game for paintball. It is the ideal sport for ADM. ADM - are you game for it?