Saturday, August 18, 2007

After a long time

I am writing again after a long break. I was tied up with work and fun-n-frolic for last so many days. Quite a few events occurred during this period. I never had a chance to write about any of them.

I have started exercising again. When I dont exercise on a daily basis, I can feel a definite under-current of guilt. I continuosly feel - Oh man! I should exercise, and when I don't, the level of guilt keeps increasing. One day, the guilt-dam bursts, and I get back to my exercising ways again. The key is to not let it build in the first place. I think we should not aim to run a marathon, but aim for consistency over a long period of time. With two weekes of exercising, I am feeling good again. A few niggles and sores are still present, but the overall feeling is awesome.

India celebrated its 60th anniversary of Independence. TOI headlines read "Sixty and Getting Sexier". TOI has proved yet again that it is nothing but a 16-ply-TOI-let-paper.

India won the test series against England. Many arm-chair critics, including me, criticized Rahul Dravid's decision of not enforcing follow-on in the third test. Many, including me, said - "Australia would definitely have enforced the follow-on". In hind-sight, I think, his decision was right and borne out of the desperation to win a series in England. We must always remember that we are not Australia who win almost every test series they play, hence they can afford to take more risks. Also, had the decision of enforcing the follow-on backfired on a placid pitch, all the arm-chair critics would have crucified Rahul Dravid and his think tank. Australian public is more into "footie" than into "cricket", so Ricky Ponting has to contend with less of such criticism.