Monday, November 19, 2007


I was pleasantly surprised to see that in just 2 phone calls, I was able to renew my DishTv subscription. Last time I tried making use of their helpline, I got frustrated with their re-assuring words and complete in-action.

However, this does not mean that DishTv has corrected all its flaws. Some obvious flaws -
  1. I had to send 5 sms-es before the their server responded favourably. Till then, it kept saying "Too busy".
  2. Once the payment was acknowleged, DishTv people slept on it for 3 more days. They were waiting for the almighty to do some "akaashwaani".
  3. They have a silly automated voice system. One can not press keys in between because the system does not recognize such keystrokes.
  4. Even if you choose English as the language, the people speak in Hindi. Then why have the option?

All in all, it is still a major improvement from a totally flawed system to a bearable system with a few flaws.