Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hot hot hot Pune

I am in Pune right now, at my brother's place. Pune is a very special place for me. My first job, those bachelor days, the road in Range Hills, that Veritas office, the after dinner walks near Symbiosis in range hills, F.C Road Barista and CCD and cafe Sunrise, my days in PANTA, my house in Kalyani Nagar, the time I and Richa spent there, and the nice weather of Pune... There are so many things that bring me feel like returning to Pune.

This time however, the heat is unbearable. Its 42 and a bit sultry, and I am sweating even under a fan. The power cuts are making life even worse. Without an A/C, it is difficult to sleep at night. I know, people from Nagpur, especially my Mom-Dad, will say that we guys are unnecessarily cribbing in 42. Nagpur is reeling under a heat wave with temperatures crossing 47. Its horrible over there, and its not even the end of April. God only knows what is in store in the month of May in Nagpur and adjoining areas.

If there isn't a proper spell of rain this year, God only knows whats going to happen to all such places.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My take on IPL-2

This edition of IPL is definitely going to be a quite different from last years. Last one was all about clearing one leg and tonking the ball for a six. This was possible because of the placid Indian pitches where the ball doesn't bounce higher than the waist on most occassions. Any lallu-panju player was hitting sixes. Not this time though.

In the very first match between Mumbai Indians and Raj Royals, it was evident that scores in excess of 170 would be a rarity in this edition of IPL. Tendulkar and Mumbai-Indians were smart in acknowledging this fact, and played to a perfect plan. Raj Royals, who don't have too many noteworthy batsmen in their team, could not counter the conditions. Similarly, only Rahul Dravid has been able to master the conditions for RCB. The likes of Yusuf Pathan, who are champions on Indian pitches, are failing now.

This edition will be much better for bowlers though. If they stick to good line and length, and can swing the ball, they will be difficult to tonk. Anything short and it will be dispatched appropriately. Unlike last year, quality spin bowlers will be successful. From the first round of matches, it seems like Bhajji, Murali, Ojha and Kumble will do well.

Did I forget to mention Shane Warne? Yes, because he belongs to an altogether different league. He's not a spinner, he's a magician. People say Murali can turn the ball on glass, but somehow I don't like his action, and find it suspect. Warne's action on the other hand is clean, and I love the way he flights the ball. He is most dangerous when he gets the in-drift. Although he has retired quite some time back, he hasn't lost the touch at all.

Looking at the matches so far, and the future availability of players, it seems Deccan Chargers are leading the pack, not only in terms of wins, but also in terms of overall strategy and execution. CSK and MI come next and are probably equally placed. RCB, PLs etc are all the same. Raj Royals, the defending champions, will most likely be placed at the bottom.