Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bangalore 10K Marathon

For quite some time, I have been thinking about participating in a marathon. Not the 42 km one. Just the 10km one. This 'quite some time' dates back to my days in Pune when I used to run 6 kms in flat 30 mins. That was quite some show. I was 24 then and weighed 73 kgs. Now 30 is dawning on me and I weigh 79 kgs. I can't run the same :-(. I still manage 3.5 kms in 22 mins or so, and can run probably 2 kms more but have to slow down a bit. However, the desire to participate in the marathon is very much intact. 

Bangalore 10K marathon was just perfect for me, and Alistair was there to back me up. I was a bit hesitant - usual doubts crept in my head - whether I will be able to do it, whether I will start cramping etc etc etc - and I was delaying registering for the 10K marathon. One fine day, Richa just registered me for the marathon, and now there was no looking back.

I have been running and gymming quite regularly, but for last 2 weeks, I haven't done any serious training. I was sure somethings gonna give way on the marathon day. Surprisingly, when I entered the Kanteerva stadium and looked at the sea of people around me, a really strong motivating feeling gripped me, and from that moment, I never thought I could not do it.

The arrangements were great. Every km, they would hand over a bottle of water, and starting from the 3rd km, they were giving glucose and electral. I kept myself hydrated, and ensured that my heart rate was within reasonable limits. From what I was feeling, it should have been around 130-140 bpm. I walked a bit, ran quite a bit, and managed to complete it in 75 mins without any cramps or any feeling of discomfort. From what I reckon, I must have ran 7+ kms and waked 3- kms

I must say, the people of Bangalore turned out in large numbers to cheer us. The runner's club had banners that read - "Pain is temporary, pride is permanent".  And when you see old people outrunning you, you definitely feel motivated. 

Monday, May 18, 2009


Many things have happened in the last few days - an unexpected performance by UPA and a subsequent and expected reaction of the stock market to an unexpected event. Regarding stock markets, I can safely say - "I don't understand them at all" - and therefore, I keep investing in good large cap companies like NTPC and ONGC. 

On a more personal front, I will be running on 31st May in the Sunfeast Bangalore Marathon in the 10 km category. As of today, I can safely manage 4kms without getting tired in about 24 minutes or so. I am hoping that I will be able to chug along somehow and complete the run.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ate a lot this week

Ever since I put my foot in Pune, I have been eating a lot. First night, I went out to have a bite of Naturals ice-cream - my favorite - Alphonso mango slices with mango ice-cream. The next day, my mother-in-law had made chicken. The next night, after my in-laws left for Mumbai, I and my brother-in-law had beer at midnight to beat the heat. It was so so hot and humid that beer with lots and lots of ice felt nice. I slept peacefully and woke up only the next morning when the power went off.

The next evening, I went to my brother's place, and once I am there, there is no escaping my
bhabhi's culinary delights and that un-ending "आग्रह". The best part is even if I eat like pig, my bhabhi manages to feed me a bit more by saying "you haven't eaten anything". That evening, I had vodka with lime cordial, and tiger prawns in coconut curry for dinner. Delicious. 

The next evening, I had gone to my friend's place for dinner. The spread was awesome. She had made fried Pomphret stuffed with green chutney, prawns made in Goan style, sol-kadhi, rice, and Alphonso mangoes for the dessert. Ate a lot and really enjoyed the goan style sea-food. 

Next evening, we ordered some food from "Tunday Kababee", a new shop in Wanowrie. Some food here means a dish of chicken kolhapuri, mutton gravy and a dish of butter chicken. I was so full at the end that I had no space for the dessert. Unfortunately, that was my last full meal in Pune. 

After coming back to Bangalore, it was time for Bala's birthday treat. He took us to Ebony in Barton center on M.G. Road, from where I could see a big chunk of Bangalore. Any city looks good at night, and Bangalore is no exception. I could see the screwed-up-MG Road right beneath me, and believe me, its a massive muck right now. Coming back to the food - I started with a Long Island Iced Tea. It was quite a cocktail - rum, vodka, tequila, gin and coke, and it was quite strong :-). The effect of cocktail was that I was cracking some really slapstick and idiotic jokes. It was followed by some chicken, prawns and khasta roti. That consumed every iota of space in my tummy.

Have eaten a lot in the last few days.. Now I need to get back to exercise...