Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Time to catch up on my reading

My reading habits have always been erratic. Some times I read too many books and other times I don't reading anything at all - except for the daily newspaper which I read from the 1st page to the last page, w/o skipping even a single headline.

Last couple of books that I read were written by Lee Child. Lee Child has introduced a character called Jack Reacher, who is an ex-MP, a dispassionate free-lance detective. The stories are interesting in the sense that the process of finding the culprit, the logic involved in doing so, is nicely laid out. However, the end of the story is pretty much boilerplate. One or two books are sufficient to know how the rest of them will be.

Suddenly, I have sort of developed some interest in history. I remember from my childhood days that I used to hate history the most, because my teachers used to gauge the quality of an answer from the number of lines that I had written. Moreover, teaching of history was based on the concept of rote-learning, which I have come to hate the most. Now that I don't have to appear for some exams, I want to read some serious history. I want to begin with the history of Indian Civilization, and then move on to others.

Looks like it is going to be a long project :-)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back from Nagpur

I am back in Bangalore. Bangalore is really a hill station if you compare it with Nagpur. It is early March, just the start of summer, and it was horribly hot over there. I was drinking close to a liter of water every hour, and still could not quench my thirst.